Keep Your Contact Information Current

A change of address – in writing - must be given to the M.D. to allow prompt mailing of assessment and tax notices, utility billings, notices or invoices from different departments that relate to your property or neighboring properties, and information letters sent by the M.D. to its ratepayers.   


By maintaining correct information on your land title documents, you can be assured of receiving notices that could impact yourself or your property (i.e. easement / caveat registration, property ownership, marriage / divorce / death, etc.).   Municipalities are required to send property tax notices to all registered property owners.   It is important to maintain correct information on your land title documents at all times.

To have information changed on your land title documents, potential options could include:

  • Consult with your lawyer
  • Consult with an Alberta Registry office 
  • Consult with the Calgary Land Titles Office (403-297-6511) 
  • Visit Alberta Municipal Affairs’ website


When the Land Titles Office receives any changes to a title, the respective municipality is officially informed and only then will changes be made to the tax roll account. 


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