Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) is the coordinating agency for the Government of Alberta for emergency management, and is responsible for working to improve community and individual-level disaster resilience.  AEMA has created the following tools and materials (links are listed below) to help create awareness, and to assist Albertans in taking preparedness action.  Have a look to see what may interest you!


  1. Hazard preparedness– this includes multiple pages dedicated to hazards in Alberta with preparedness tips and 60 second video clips, including: 


  1. Build an emergency kit – this includes checklists for family, pet, farm animal and vehicle preparedness. 
  2. Pet Preparedness – includes tools and materials to help keep pets safe and comfortable before, during and after an emergency.
  3. Farm animals and livestock – includes tools and materials to help keep farm animals and livestock safe if you need to shelter-in-place or evacuate.
  4. Raise awareness in your community – includes tools and materials for communities to raise awareness, including information on Emergency Preparedness Week.
  5. Make an emergency plan – includes an Emergency Preparedness Guide, tips on how to communicate during an emergency and information relating to pets, children and a guide for people with disabilities.
  6. Emergency preparedness – includes hazard information and general emergency preparedness information including shelter-in-place and evacuation fact sheets.



There is also a video series aimed to provide preparedness information in simple to follow steps.  Click on the link below to see the various videos that can be found on the YourAlberta YouTube channel:


Get Prepared: 60 second emergency tips


If you have any questions regarding emergency preparedness, please do not hesitate to contact our Emergency Services Department at or (403) 625-3351.