Joint Media Release – July 16, 2020


The Council’s of the Municipal District of Willow Creek, Town of Nanton, Town of Stavely, Town of Fort Macleod and Town of Claresholm announce the successful completion of the Intermunicipal Emergency Services Agreement. 

The municipalities each understand the value of establishing policies, programs and processes for collaborating on the planning, development, training and operation of their respective Emergency Services Departments, the purchase, operation, use, maintenance, repair and replacement of their respective equipment and facilities, and the coordination and delivery of the Emergency Services, for the joint benefit of all citizens regardless of their community.

The cornerstone of the agreement is the establishment of a Level of Service for Emergency Services to be delivered by each of the fire departments to the citizens of the Municipal District of Willow Creek. This level of service establishes the required training, equipment and other resources that are to be dedicated on an annual basis.  This ensures that regardless of where a citizen resides within the M.D. of Willow Creek that they can expect to receive the same level of service as any other citizen.  

All signatories to this Agreement will participate in regular committee meetings where local and intermunicipal initiatives and concerns pertaining to Emergency Services will be discussed.  

Completion of this agreement is another milestone for the implementation of the Willow Creek Regional Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement which outlines the many agreements for services that are currently in effect, and outlines the requirements for additional agreements that are to be developed. 

Collectively the municipalities are pleased with the outcome of the Intermunicipal Emergency Services Agreement and welcome the opportunities that will arise for innovation as well as effective and efficient delivery of services through the development of joint service agreements. 

Emergency Services Agreement