We are a community that preserves, enhances and enriches our evolving rural way of life for all generations to live, work and prosper as members of this farming and ranching community.

The municipality provides leadership that will ensure that all citizens can continue to enjoy a safe and sustainable rural community that recognizes agriculture as a cornerstone.

This Strategic Plan identifies our key strategic priorities over a 5-year period from 2020-2024. The Strategic Plan, and the Business Plan of each Municipal Department is updated annually as part of our budget process.

Each Municipal department will undertake an annual business plans that will highlight their mid and long-term goals which align with the municipality’s strategic plan.   These plans identify operational objectives, key strategies to achieve those objectives and performance measurements or indicators that will demonstrate the success in meeting municipal objectives.

We value people.


We value our history.


We value our environment.


We value the principles of honesty, integrity and respect. 


We will honor our history and traditions while we plan and prepare our community for the future.



The principles of transparency, respect and honesty will guide the daily operations and conduct of municipal council and staff. We will make fair decisions. We will honor agreements and hold others to the same standard.


Economic Growth & Diversity

We will seek to generate a business-friendly climate which aid in regional economic activity and prosperity. We will actively seek opportunities to attract new industry. We will seek to retain existing industry.


Municipal Infrastructure

We will construct, operate and maintain municipal infrastructure which is safe and effective.   We will seek opportunities to collaborate on essential public services with other organizations both private and public.



Within our fiscal means we will seek opportunity for collaboration with other municipalities and organizations that will provide benefit to the citizens of the Municipal District of Willow Creek.

Strategic Priority: Review municipal bylaws and policies


Key Initiative: Review the municipal bylaws and policies to ensure continued relevance.


Success: In 2020 update the municipal land use bylaw to ensure integration of the Hamlet of Granum.


Success: By 2022 complete a review of common bylaws and policies to ensure relevance including in particular Town of Granum Bylaws.


Strategic Priority: Increase public safety 


Key Initiative: Intermunicipal Emergency Services Agreement.


Success: Complete the Willow Creek Intermunicipal Emergency Services Agreement bylaw and execute the agreement. 


Metric for Success:  Delivery of Fire Service is consistent across the municipality, fire operating budget stabilizes, disputes and complaints pertaining to operating and capital budgets and emergency services response decrease year over year. 


Success: Implement the fire services training program to meet the established level of service consistently on an ongoing basis.


Metric for Success: All new firefighters complete NFPA 1001 level 1 training within 2 years of entry in to the fire service. 


Key Initiative: Support Rural Crime Watch within the municipality


Success: Support the development of a rural crime watch associations across the entire MD in partnership with local rural crime watch associations, the provincial crime watch association, the Fort Macleod Crime Prevention Action Committee, local citizens, the MD of Willow Creek Peace Officer Program and the RCMP


Metric for Success: Reduction in rural crime. 


Strategic Priority: Identify opportunities to assist community groups


Key Initiative: Provide administrative guidance to community groups


Success: Assist community groups in accessing grant funding.


Metric for Success: Community groups report increased access to community facility enhancement grants, Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta funding and other grants that aid in the sustainability of non-profit and charitable groups within the municipality.



Strategic Priority: Support Agriculture


Key Initiative: Identify and deliver agricultural services that will benefit to both primary agricultural producers and the environment


Success: Assist community groups in accessing grant funding.


Metric for Success:

Strategic Priority: Accessible, timely and understandable information about Council decisions, actions and priorities.


Key Initiative: In 2020 update the municipal website and ensure the accessibility to public information and services. 


Success: Individuals and businesses are able to access information on governance, economic development and municipal services 24/7.


Metric for Success: Website analytics demonstrate an increased use of municipal website and online services

Strategic Priority: Economic growth within the municipality.


Key Initiative: Attract new citizens, commerce and industry to the MD.


Metric for Success: One new business or industry in the Claresholm Industrial Area each year during for the next 5 years. Population growth during the strategic planning period 2020 – 2024 demonstrates growth of population in excess of 1% and assessment growth of 2% year over year. 


Key Initiative: The MD to participate in regional economic initiatives.


Success: The MD will actively participate in regional economic committees and initiatives which will promote local and regional growth. 


Metric for Success:  regional initiatives lead to demonstrable growth of commercial and industrial development within the region on an annual basis.


Metric for Success: Annual growth of assessment base of the municipality. 

Strategic Priority: Asset Management


Key Initiative: Implement an Asset Management Program within the M.D.


Success: By the end of 2021 an Asset Management Policy has been adopted


Success: By the end of 2025 Asset Management is fully implemented with a Council approved Level of Service established for municipal services and full accountability to the public implemented including a public facing dashboard and feedback mechanisms established. 


Strategic Priority: Hamlet of Granum Local Improvement Plan


Key Initiative: Implement a local improvement plan for the Hamlet of Granum based upon the engineering portion of the viability report.


            Success: Council approved long term local improvement plan established prior to the end of 2021.


Strategic Priority: Municipal Infrastructure Plan


Key Initiative: Implement an infrastructure plan for municipal infrastructure.


Success: Council approves a 5-year capital plan in 2020 and reviews annually.

Strategic Priority: Successfully Negotiate Intermunicipal Agreements.


Key Initiative: Complete the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement.


Success: Council approval of all required Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreements.


Metric for Success: completion of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreements before March 31, 2020.


Success: Council approval of the Intermunicipal Emergency Services Agreement.


Metric for Success: adoption of the Intermunicipal Emergency Services Agreement by June 30, 2020.


Success: Establishment of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement Recreation Services Agreement Sub    Committee before June 30, 2020.


Metric for Success: agreement in principle for Recreation Services before Council for consideration before June 30, 2021.


Strategic Priority: Internet and Cell Service for Municipal Citizens.


Key Initiative: Pursue internet connectivity for all municipal citizens.


Success: 90% of ratepayers have quality & affordable internet access by 2025 and 100% by 2030.


Key Initiative: Identify collaboration opportunities with the private and public sector.


Metric for Success: Within 18 months identify a cell phone carrier indicates that they will partner with the municipality to provide cell phone repeaters on municipal towers for the purpose of providing cellular service in the porcupine hills. 


Success: Partner with other municipalities to access fibre optic and make the fibre optic connection available for municipal and commercial use.


Strategic Priority: Relationship with Alberta Health Services


Key Initiative: Meet regularly with Alberta Health Services to discuss emergency medical services.


Success: The relationship between the M.D. and AHS shows marked improvement as demonstrated by improved communication, responsiveness and action.


Metric for Success: A final decision is arrived at pertaining to the use of municipally owned ambulances within the M.D. before the end of 2020.